Coffee Time News 20/10/14


Tom Hardy is in the running to play the first mutant on earth Apocalypse in Xmen: Apocalypse. First Bane now Apocalypse? Has he got dibs on all the iconic villains or something?

Big Hero 6 has more new clips with more new footage!

Post Edgar Wright Antman will be more aggressive, cleaner and bigger than the original script, but fear not Wright fans, his mark still remains in the script and character development.


You can check out the first images of the Sand Snakes of Dorne from the next series of Game of Thrones right here.

Anyone fancy having a sneaky look at Adrianne Palicki as Mockingbird in the next episode of Agents of SHIELD? Of course you do.

Clips galore of the next episode of Gotham right here; 4 to be precise. 


Sunset Overdrive has a cheeky little message for reviewers; in short, don’t go for the overly obvious, lazy puns.

One of the best parts about Assassins’ Creed is the host of historical Characters you get to meet, like the hilarious and charming Da Vinci. Well here’s an introduction to some of the names you’ll get to see in AC Unity.

The Halo Master Chief collection will be available for digital preload in ‘most places’ on November 11th. Check out the details (and how many G’s it’ll take up) here.

Coffee Time News 17/10/14


Pacific Rim 2 will start filming in 2015, and there’s even plans for Pacific Rim 3. More Robots.

Minecraft will be being made into a film, helmed by Night of the Museum director Shawn Levy.

DC have announced their film line up through to 2020, with two films a year from 2016. The line up includes a Wonder Woman solo movie (finally), Aquaman and the Green Lantern. Check out the full details here.


Bewitched is being rebooted in TV form, after an attempt at being made into a film with Will Ferrell (2005) and while it only just made its money back, people are hopeful there’s still a market for the series.

Despite not wanting to bog down the series with flashbacks, Game of Thrones may be heading that way in the upcoming season.

Check out this new promo video for Agents of SHIELD season 2 episode 5, a hen in the wolf house.


The Playstation 4 has a new Firmware upgrade for you and for release in the Fall, it includes Music playback, folder sorting and more, still no sign of sorting trophies chronologically though.

343 industries has announced Halo Spartan Strike,  a successor to Halo Spartan Assualt. It will be another twin stick shooter and will only be available on Windows and Steam Platforms.

Coffee Time News 15/10/14


Ewan McGregor could be running for the Sorcerer Supreme mantle, now this is just rumour, but wouldn’t you like to see McGregor in the MCU?

Pirates of the Caribbean 5 (Dead Men Tell No Tales) could star terrifying Javier Bardem (Skyfall, No Country for Old Men) as the main antagonist. I’m okay with this.

Less conjecture now, and here’s a poster for Jurassic World. The Park is Open people. Get ready to ride Velociraptors.


Well it’s reached that point in the week where all we’ve got is promos, so here’s a few images from Agents of SHIELD Season 2 episode six, and new promos for the Walking Dead and Gotham.


The Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire demo launches in 6 days, on the 21st of October, but lucky sonofas will be getting special promo codes in the e-post.

Shovel Knight, the adorable and charming Sidescrolling adventure/action game where you play as a knight who wields a shovel, is finally coming to the WiiU and 3DS in Europe and Australia.

Check over here at Polygon for a detailed look at what exactly is new in the Definitive edition of Sleeping Dogs for the Xbox One and PS4.

Coffee Time News 14/10/14


Here’s a round up of all of the character posters for The Hobbit: the Battle of the Five Armies, there’s been a new poster every so often for a while now, so here they all are in one place.

Jennifer Laurence and Bradley Cooper are working together again, in a period drama again, and it’s called Serena. You can check out the clip here.

Well, it’s finally happened. In the pool of which big Marvel event the MCU was gearing up for, those who had Civil War can take home their winnings. Marvel is doing Civil War.


Gotham is going well, with a lot of good things floating about in my social media feed, so here’s two more clips from the episode titled ‘Arkham’.

The Walking Dead season 5 premier has kicked off to a great start with the premier last night, being the highest viewed episode in the series’ history.


Ever wonder why we jump so much in videogames? Well the Gameshow team did, and they’ve done an episode in it.

Destiny has another update for us, getting rid of a new ‘Loot Cave’ (Staircase) and nerfing a few weapons, most notably the Autorifles and Shotguns that are rife in the PVP Crucible. Check out all the notes here.

Finally, Assassins’ Creed Rogue will be released on PC early next year.

Coffee Time News 13/10/14

At what point this season do I get to start calling this segment ‘Pumpkin Spiced Latte News’?


Dave Bautista, you know, the guy who played the hilarious Drax in Guardians of the Galaxy, is most probably going to be playing the henchman in Bond 24. I hope I’m not alone in rejoicing at the idea that Bond movies are going to have Henchman again. I miss Jaws.

In an interview with ScreenRant, Keanu Reeves has voiced his interest in playing Doctor Strange. Let’s put the kibosh on this now. I don’t want a wooden sorcerer Supreme.

And here’s a teaser for Focus starring Will Smith, it’s a con film, and I bloody love con films. It’s due out at the end of February next year.


Hey, here’s a Constantine TV spot and a few new images, which introduce the character Zed. Not Zod. Zed.

Powers is a new live action show based on the comic book series of the same name, it stars District 9 star Sharlto Copley, and here’s a trailer. BEWARE, here be swears and cusses NSFW

Daredevil had a panel at NYCC, and here’s a rundown of it. It looks like we’ll be getting a more mature and darker series compared to the… film.


Minecraft will be available on the PS Vita (as a crossbuy with the PS3) as a digital download on the 14th of October in North America with it releasing the next day in Europe.

Far Cry  4 is just about a month away, so Ubisoft have released a travelogue series which acts as an introduction to the world that they’ve built. Check out the first episode here.

Finally here’s a list of the Nintendo Download for Europe this October.

Coffee Time News 10/10/14


Wes Ball, the director of the Maze Runner has voiced his feelings on splitting the third book in the series into two films, a very common choice in Hollywood at the minute. Spoiler; he doesn’t want to do it.

Inferno, the Ron Howard and Tom Hanks project based on the Dan Brown novel, has been delayed after accidentally penning the same release date as Star Wars.

Big Hero 6 has a new trailer, and this time it shows off a bit more of the characters that we haven’t seen much of yet!


Flash fans look out, because we’ve got some on set photos of one of the Flash’s biggest villains. Click at your own risk.

Gotham has a new featurette that focuses on the crime underworld that the show is so keen on.

And we have two new promos for the next episode of Arrow. We have a very DC heavy day today don’t we?


There’s a closed Alpha for Evolve coming at the end of the month, you can sign up on the official site.

Another wordy teaser for Tell Tales Game of Thones game.

And finally we’ve got more mega evolutions coming to the Ruby and Sapphire remakes. Birds Bugs and Dragons.

Coffee Time News 08/10/14


Looks like the Spiderman Universe is seeing a bit of a shake up, with the Sinister Six movie now being classed as a ‘soft reboot’ and the Venom movie now officially scrapped things aren’t looking quite peachy for the Web head.

Jurassic World’s trailer has had a breakdown, and it looks like we’re going to get to see Bert ‘Starlord’ Macklin riding tamed velociraptors. Yeah,

Yesterday the world was in chaos as RDJ said that he’d only make an Ironman 4 if Mel Gibson directed it. Well, he’s cleared some stuff up on Ellen.


So the Flash Premiered last night, and while I’ve not yet had chance to watch it, Screenrant already has a list of 25 easter eggs you might have missed. 

Myst, a point and click puzzle game for the PC is getting a Television show which will be a ‘transmedia project’, aside from sounding like something a pretentious media student would say, it actually sounds very interesting, especially for those who’ve experienced Myst.


Former Rockband, Bioshock, Halo and Guitar Hero developers have launched a kickstarter for a new game, and now it’s not a a first person space aged musical simulation that focuses on the free will/ determinism debate, it’s a very artistic survival companion game. Check out the trailer for the Flame in the Flood here.

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare will take advantage of Playstation’s cross buy scheme; buying the game digitally on either the PS3 or PS4 will allow you to download it on the other platform.

Hugh Laurie (House, Black Adder) and Nolan North (Every game from 2009 – 20forever) have joined the cast for Little Big Planet 3. More details here. 


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