Welcome to Axby!

Well hello there.
Welcome to Axby Magazine. I know it doesn’t look like a lot now, what with it being pretty empty, and there’s some unpacked boxes in the corner and we haven’t found the kettle yet. But if we had I would promptly offer you a cup of tea.

So what is Axby? I hear you ask between my panicked searching for a clean mug.
Well it’s a media centred site made by some friends who really like films, Television and Video games. Our hope here is to cultivate Axby into a site full of opinions, discussion and passionate writings, artwork and, eventually, videos.

We’ve started as a small team with one big thing in common; we all like to escape reality. Whether that be from playing games, watching films, reading books or even submersing ourselves in the airtight submarine that is a new album. But sometimes it’s not enough to just escape, sometimes you want to bring back your experiences, to talk about them. That’s what we’re all about here.

At least, we will be once we get all this bubble wrapped tidied away.

So keep checking back here if we’ve piqued your interest, and if Axby sounds like the sort of thing you’d like to get involved in, check out our Contact Us section.

For now, I’ve got some pictures to hang and some furniture to drag around.

Oh, and I’ve been Joe. You’ll be hearing a lot from me.


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