Villain Overload

Written By; Joe

This might be something I approach later on in a bit more depth, considering that I have a lot to say on the Superhero movie subject (granted, most of that is fanboy squees about Hawkeye), but having seen this comic on the ‘Mathmatical Law of Superhero film villains‘ drawn by the guys over at Dorkly, I thought I’d vent a bit now.

It’s pretty established that one of the main failings of Spiderman 3; the Boogie Night Rises, was the over saturation of villains.

You had Sandman, the misunderstood criminal who was just trying to help his little girl, the new goblin, who was himself brought about by the ghost of the villain from the first film, and the mistreated Venom who felt the need to open up his otherwise terrifying face to give Topher Grace a bit more screen time. Add this all to the fact that for half the film Peter is kind of a sap, and an abusive boyfriend and you’ve got a molotov of antagonistic characters

And we can all agree that more isn’t always better, The Avengers (that’s the Marvel franchise, not the 60’s BBC series) only had one main villain in the show stealing Loki. Sure you could argue that the Chitauri were a few hundred villains, but they were really only Hulkfodder.

That was one of the things I was worried about in the most recent Spiderman film, a lot of the promo material involved the Rhino, but well, if you’ve seen it you’ll know that not all the villains had the same amount of focus.

So less is more, right? Or since the Avengers; Age of Ultron, will be including Strucker, Ultron, Vision and with talk of the Maximoff twins messing with the super team, will the MCU prove that it’s all in the execution?


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