Franchise Frenzy

By Bert Selleslagh


When stumbling on the games that are about to be released this year, I noticed that almost every game is either a reboot, or a sequel to a previously made game. This raises the question for both creator and audience. What do we really like to see in the video game industry?

Ever since Call of Duty released it’s third Modern Warfare, I’ve been brainstorming on this question. Do the companies lack innovation these days, or do they just want to play it safe by presenting us the eighteenth Assassin’s Creed or the fourteenth Battlefield?

We all know the video game industry is rough these days, and I’m not blaming the companies whose sole purpose is to create sequels to previous games. It’s understandable that Activision doesn’t release anything but their Call of Duty, but do we really want to see a new one coming out every year?

Franchises are designed to feed you “new” games every year, and as long as people keep buying copies, franchises remain to occupy a solid place on the market. I’m not saying it’s wrong. Franchises like FIFA and Call of Duty produce decent games, but they lack innovation. A refreshed GUI and a slightly notched singleplayer just aren’t enough in my opinion.

Maybe the companies have gotten lazy. Maybe we’ve gotten lazy. It’s easy to buy a game that’s been around for a long time in which name you can trust. Buying an indie game isn’t that reliable, but it’s worth the search. It’s because of these Big Boy League-games that a lot of masterpieces can’t reach a tenth of the audience the big games are getting, which is pretty unfair.

You might think I’m holding a grudge against any of these franchises but to be clear: I don’t. No, I didn’t get my ass kicked on Fifa, I didn’t get owned on Call of Duty or anything like that (I did get owned on both games lots of times, but that’s not the reason I’m writing this article).

The point I’m trying to make is that any gamer should change up their game collection once in a while. It keeps things fresh and deals with the daily grind everyone faces from time to time. Games like Octodad or Journey equally deserve to be in your game collection as any other big franchise.

Imagine if gamer hippies were a thing. We’d all gather around a Commodore 64 and hum the Tetris anthem or something. Now where did I leave my flower power shirt?

Bert is a fella who likes to write about videogames and music, so look out for more from him in the future. Meanwhile if you’d like to have a crack, don’t hesitate to contact the Axby team at or on our contact page.


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