Have you seen… Cinema Sins?

By Joe Strange

I spend a lot of time watching, reading, doing pointless stuff on the internet to procrastinate, so I figure why not bring my procrastination to Axby?

You know how sometimes you’re watching a film and you realise that shouldn’t have happened, or that person would definitely have died from that fall, or that line is just plain stupid?

Well Cinema Sins have made an internet series out of that sort of knit picking. No film is off-limits, they’ve ripped apart both abysmal messes (like Tommy Wiseau’s the Room) and fantastic film experiences (like Skyfall).

All their comments are in good fun, and their videos have gotten both longer and sillier since they first started up, but they’re still a staple of my internet diet on a Tuesday and a Thursday. Some of the comments are pure gold; showing the Transformers video (Below) to my housemate was the first time I ever saw someone spit out water across the room.

Oh and all these videos contain spoilers, which you’re warned about every single time. Check out their channel here, but there’s some of my picks below too.  It’s a shame the Twilight video disappeared, that was brilliant.



Godzilla (1998)



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