Holy New Reveal Batman! Snyder releases Batmobile and Suit images.

By Charlie Higson


‘Zack Snyder you sexy son of a bitch!’- a sentiment many of us have been sharing after the reveal of both the new Batmobile and Batman costume yesterday which will be featured in the yet untitled Batman and Superman movie.

On the 12th of April Snyder shared a sneak peak of the Batmobile’s glorious mechanistic ass, hinting that a full reveal would follow the next day. And low and behold we have been blessed with more than we could hope for. For most people this was simply a pleasant surprise, though I may be a little too into superhero fashion.


The Batmobile seems to strike a tone between the Nolan and Burton adaptations. While it looks beefy, this clearly ain’t no repurposed military vehicle (unless the United States military has begun adding wings to the back of their jeeps). This is a car that some justice seeking nut-job built in his basement with his butler. It’s sleek and, might I say, somewhat compact. This only means the hero will be able to drive to the shops without destroying a dozen other vehicles (Yes, I’m looking at you Mr. Bale).

As for the costume, we have a simple black and grey number which is similar if not identical to the iconic comic book version. Given the choice of a classic costume, perhaps we can expect all the flare and gubbins that were toned down for the Nolan franchise. I’m imagining an extensive bat cave and an endless utility belt with smoke grenades coming out the wazoo. Also, I don’t know about you but that doesn’t look like body armour to me. I mean, why would Batman need body armour when his skin is reinforced with badassery?

All in all this has been a promising reveal. We have many more designs to be revealed with other heroes such as Wonder woman and Cyborg to join the roster. Tell us your thoughts below.

The untitled Batman and Superman Movie is set to be released on 6th May 2016.


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