Coffee Time News 15/05/14

By Joe Strange


An exciting day in the land of Media. Check out the headlines below.


A few days after that Optimus rodeo poster, Transformers 4 has a new trailer. With more Stanley Tucci and more Dinosaur riding!

Elizibeth Olsen gives a little insight into what the Scarlett Witch will be like in Avengers 2. Crazy, it’s crazy.

Star Trek 3 keeps Roberto Orci as director.


The Flash television show has its first official teaser trailer. I’m excited.

Two and a Half Men has been denied renewal after its 12th season.

HBO has released descriptions for the remaining episodes of Game of Thrones season 4. They’re not spoiler filled, but if you want ABSOLUTE surprise, maybe pass on that one.


Rockstar have a secret project in the works for release on the new Gen, this year.

Nintendo have been called out for apparently infringing on two of dutch technological firm Philips’ patents. Could lead to the banning of the Wii and WiiU in the US.

Were you intrigued by James’ discussion of Tomodachi Life? Well here’s a video you could check out to have a better feel for it!


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