Coffee Time News 20/05/14

By Joe Strange



First up, for those who didn’t see it yesterday, here’s our reaction to the newest Guardians of the Galaxy, complete with trailer! 

Did you see Dredd back in 2012? No? Well that’s probably why star Karl Urban is kick starting a sequel.

Let it never be said that Transformers Age of Extinction was under-publicised, here’s another new trailer, with a little bit of unseen footage. On a positive note it looks like Mark Wahlberg’s character might have a bit more personality than that guy who isn’t famous anymore.


Agent Carter has an air date; January 2015, can you wait that long?

Glen Mazzara, previous show runner of the Walking Dead, is going to write a new show based on the Omen, titled Damien.

Did you catch last night’s Game of Thrones? Can’t get enough? Well here’s a promo for episode 8, to air on June 1st.



The unfamiliar spartan on the artwork for Halo 5 Guardians? They’re not a returning character, they’re new new.

Still playing the Wii and DS? I hope you’re not addicted to their online modes, because that’s going away in the next 24 hours. (Including Mario Kart Wii, Pokemon and Smash Brothers)

Are you excited about the new Bungie game Destiny? Well you should be, and here’s why.


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