Coffee Time News 22/05/14

It’s Thursday, which unfortunately means there’s a bit of a dry up in the well of news, but we’ve still got the regular nine stories for you guys.


Fans of Woody Allen as a director will be happy to know the first trailer for his new charmingingly befuddled romantic comedy Magic in the Moonlight just hit, err, yahoo video. It stars Emma Stone as a medium and Colin Firth as a magician sent to try and debunk her.

The sequel to Sin City, Sin City a Dame to Kill for, just got a bunch of new posters, check them out here.

That film that everyone was calling Batman Vs Superman, is actually going to be called Batman Vs Superman, Dawn of Justice. So we were kind of right.


Eden Sher, awkward middle child of The Middle, has been meeting with Marvel about something that she seems super psyched for. We don’t know yet whether this is a role in a film, or many of the MCU’s small screen spin offs.

Gillian Jacobs, previously of water filter named Community fame, is joining HBO’s Girls in its fourth season.


Real names and external storage are coming to the Xbox One. External storage everyone, and it looks like you’ll have control over who sees your real name.

There’s new gameplay footage for Batman Arkham Knight, with a gif breakdown here from Kotaku. I can’t wait to get into that Batmobile.

Yesterday we yelled about the new Zelda game, which will be a Hack and Slash, as oppose to the usual epic fantasy, puzzle filled, affair. Some reassuring news in that it’s being overseen by some Zelda Big Wigs. Though I hope they get the combat to be fluid and effective if they’re planning scores of enemies at once, I fear it could just be a spin attack fest.

There’s been a bit of leaked information from Ubisoft about Far Cry 4, mostly about what the hell your character is doing in the mountains. (it’s being a good son)


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