Coffee Time News 27/05/14

By Joe Strange


Unfortunately the TV well is once again fairly dry, and I’m not content just linking to reviews of recent episodes, so here’s your film and gaming news for today!


There’s been a teaser for the Bananaman movie. Now we know very very little about it except its projected 2015 release date, but fans of the Dandy comic should be happy about the news.

Since Xmen Days of Future Past has killed on the international box office, (you’ve no idea what you’re missing America) it only seems fit to start the rumour mill for the next film, Xmen Apocalypse. Which may include some of the original cast despite it being set in the First Class canon.

Pixar’s latest animated romp has a synopsis and some character images. Inside Out centres around the emotional adventures of a young girl, or should that be adventurous emotions? It will star Parks and Rec star Amy Poehler, SNL regular Bill Hader and US Office local Phyllis Smith.


Hack-tastic Watchdogs is out on all platforms as of today, bring a city to its knees with only a smartphone and, well, and a heap of automatic weapons and explosives, but you know, the phone is the draw.

Bethesda’s Wolfenstein; The New Order, a series which some of you older readers may remember from days gone by, has sold incredibly well. It’s currently the number one on the software charts, and had the second biggest launch of the year. (right behind Titanfall) Apparently people are ready to return to Nazi killing.

The Legend of Zelda The Minish Cap, is released on the WiiU virtual Console on Thursday, and here’s a trailer for the occasion.


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