Coffee Time News 28/05/14

By Joe Strange


Good Morning Axby-ites, this is the news! (and for once we have a full roster!)


Edgar Wright has left Antman, that much we know and is very sad. (Seriously, this guy here is heartbroken) But it looks like he’s still trucking, and reports have him starting work on a reboot of the TV show Night Stalker with Johnny Depp.

Over at Flickering Myth I found a TV spot for the new Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, many many monkeys have been spotted. (see what we did there.)

Back in January, ultra violent director Quentin Tarantino had a script leak for his new western The Hateful Eight. It seemed to put him off the entire project, but it looks like it’s back on, with the original script reading cast from earlier this year and will start shooting in November.


Daredevil’s Netflix show has a Daredevil! Is he American like our blind attorney? Of course he isn’t, it’s Charlie Cox! You know, Tristin,  the hapless romantic from Stardust!

John Wesley Shipp, TV’s original Flash, has a role in the new Flash TV show, he will be playing Barry Allen’s father. Barry Allen first showed up as a sneaky little scientist in Arrow, and the show will be an off shoot of the hooded hero’s show.

There’s been some new information on True Detective season 2, including new settings and characters. Check out all the info here.


So, Ubisoft tried to be funny with a PR stunt for Watchdogs in Australia, which resulted in a call to the bomb squad. Not that they panicked.

The third lego Batman game will be in space. Apparently the Dark Knight learnt nothing from Gravity.

ZELDA ALERT. Robin Williams’ daughter, Zelda Williams, has announced on Twitter that she’s up to something at this year’s E3. Now last time it had some pretty excellent results. Could this be the Majora’s Mask remake that SO MANY people have been waiting for?
(or just me…)


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