Coffee Time News 30/05/14

Many apologies for the late edition, apparently I can’t be trusted to go back to sleep for just ten more minutes. NEWS. It’s a trailer trifecta in film today as we set you up nicely for the weekend with three new trailers for new films we’ve not yet talked about, and not a superhero in sight.


First up is What If, a romantic comedy with Daniel Radcliffe, who I think I’ve seen in something else I just can’t figure out what. He plays a guy, who meets a girl, falls in love with girl, but is insistent that they can still be friends. According to some film festival critics it skirts the line between being self aware enough to make note of cliches but sometimes falls into the very things it’s commenting on. Which isn’t an uncommon problem in this meta age.

MGM are remaking Stargate with the assistance of Roland Emmerich, who is also working on the Independence Day sequel. Now I never watched Stargate, but I heard some interesting things from old housemates.

Liam Neeson is at it again, he’s on the hunt for kidnappers in TAKEN IRELAND EDITION. I’m kidding, the film’s actually called ‘A Walk Among the Tombstones’ and it looks much more intense and intellectual than his other Taken-esk films.

In other trailery news, Kill the Messenger, an investigative, drug cartel, government conspiracy thriller starring Jeremy Renner has a trailer, and I think on of the best things about this film, besides it’s promising cast, is something Renner states near the end about the media and news, and how the news is only how it’s presented. COOL.


Dragons are cool right? Yeah they are. How to Train your Dragon 2 comes out later this year, but Joe, I hear you say, what’s this doing in television? Well kind sir or madam, it’s because there’s going to be a series on netflix which fills in the five year gap between films! Exciting no?

Brian Fuller has hinted at some information regarding Hannibal season 3, now if you’re not quite up to date with the show, this does include some season 2 spoilers, so you’ve been warned.


Everyone who played it loved the controller, The Gamecube had one of the most ergonomic controllers I’ve ever held, it seemed to mold to your hand like mercury, and now you can have this completely un-exaggerated experience for your WiiU. 

The Playstation Plus free games service is changing, and seems to be moving to more of a Games for Gold style system.


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