Coffee Time News 02/06/14

By Joe Strange


Happy June y’all! Welcome to another week here at Axbymag, here’s your news just the way you like it, extra cheese and no anchovies.


Antman had a new director this weekend! And then it didn’t. Adam McKay (The Other Guys) was in talks but dropped out abruptly apparently. Oh well, next in line?

In the directorial vein, Zombieland director Ruben Fleischer is in the running for Ghostbusters 3, but with Harold Ramis’ passing earlier this year as well as Bill Murray being quite against the sequel, this might just be news in the wind.

Box Office news, apparently people really liked Xmen Days of Future Past, as it has become the highest grossing film in the series, hitting 500 million in just 8 days.


This week’s Lazy Sunday List was about what we didn’t want to see in Doctor Who season 8, well here’s words from the Moffat’s mouth about the changes he’s making.

The Flash, from the show The Flash (Grant Gustin plays the Flash), talks about the upcoming series The Flash. It’s a good look into the show and what its lead guy is thinking.  

For you Breaking Bad fans, Brian Cranston, during his tour for Godzilla, has some thoughts on the future of the show, BEWARE, there be spoilers here.


Splinter Cell is getting a movie, did you know that? Did you know that the newly named director previously worked on the Bourne Identity and Edge of Tomorrow? Did you know that Tom Hardy is playing Sam Fisher? Are you excited yet? No? WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?

The BBC is pushing their Video Game segment ‘Game On’ out of the graveyard slot at 2.30, and moving it to a technology podcast. Off the air, but possibly at a better slot?

Fancy a WiiU with 32gb? Live in Japan? Tough. They’re out of production. Sorry dudes.


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