Coffee Time News 04/06/14

A grand morning to you all, some actual Axby related news first, we’d like to wish our artist Charlie Higson the best of luck as he makes his way across the pond to Washington today for a month. He’s out there working on his dissertation, but he will be back, unless they kidnap his lovely self, which would be less lovely.
Anyway, onwards to the news!


The Doctor Strange film has a director, Scott Derrickson (Sinister) may not have a slew of films to his repertoire, but his history in sci-fi and horror could do him well for the Sorcerer Supreme, which, in other rumour-y news, could be played by Dallas Buyers Club‘s Jared Leto.

That news sort of hides the fact that another director has passed on Antman. It had the same director for ten years, and has gone through 3 in about ten days. This is not great, since the film was meant to start production next week.

The effects driven Jupiter Ascending, which looks to be an exciting and visual sci-fi romp with Channing Tatum and Mila Kunis, has been delayed until Febuary 2015, due to effects apparently.


The Sleepy Hollow cast and crew can be seen here talking about season 2, apparently it’s going to be quite the big affair, and continue straight off of the bat of the first season’s finale.

Fans of Homeland, and fans of House of Cards will be pleased to know that Homeland season 4 will be featuring HoC’s Corey Stoll.

Clark Gregg talks about Agents of SHIELD season 2 here, the issues they had with the first season as well as how they intend to fix those pitfalls.


Yesterday I reported on a girl who was stabbed by her friends because, apparently, Slenderman told them to, so Slenderman’s creators, Creepypasta, have officially announced that the faceless man isn’t actually real. They also mention Ben from the drowned Majora’s Mask Cartridge. That guy can go to hell.

Batman Arkham Knight has been delayed until 2015, which is sad, but on the upside, new batmobile footage!

And as a fluff piece, Luigi’s evil stare has made Fox news. About which, I’m actually not sure how I feel, it’s some classic fox journalism though.


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