Coffee Time News 05/06/14


King of Space, JJ Abrams has responded to the leaks on the set of Star Wars episode 7 set.

Could Emily Blunt be hot off of the Edge of Tomorrow boat and into Catwoman in Dawn of Justice?

In the trend of this whole Antman Director drama, we’ve got two new directors on the short list,  or at least, might be on the short list. Nicholas Stoller (Neighbors, Bad Neighbours if you’re a Brit) and Goon and What If director Michael Dowse. Though these could be names that were attached to the project to divert some of the heat from the project since loosing 3 directors already.


A bit of book news, but it’s related to television; notorious favourite character killer G.R.R Martin has announced that he may have to write an 8th book of Song of Ice and Fire, which might mean more seasons of Game of Thrones. Yes please.

Guillermo Del Toro’s (Pans Labyrinth, Pacific Rim) newest project, Strain, a vampire detective style thriller, now has a new promo, check it out here if that’s your dice.

Still, STILL unhappy from the newest Game of Thrones, here’s an alternate ending from a fan. It’ll make you feel much better.


Here’s a neat little thing from Kotaku, what if other studios made iconic games? I especially like the Software/Zelda idea.

Do you like the idea of Hitman, but LOVE puzzle games? Well you might be in luck, Hitman Go is now available on Android.

Unrelenting, death bringing Dark Souls 2, (the first of which is your Game for Gold on Xbox this half of June) has three DLCs planned.


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