Some News about the News, and E3.

Hey guys,

I hope you’ve been enjoying our daily news updates with Coffee Time News. It was an idea we had after one of our news posts was received so positively. (which was only really published because I’d been watching Heroes at the time)

Next week the gaming industry has E3, which is a big ol’ event where we get a lot of news and announcements in a short amount of time. I will still be bringing your daily news in the world of television and film, but E3 coverage is a task far larger than myself, which is why I’ve brought in some help. You’ll know James from his recent Mario Kart Retrospectives and his articles every Thursday, and he’s graciously accepted the role of Axby E3 reporter. So, on top of Coffee Time News every morning, you’ll also be getting daily reports on all the big stories from E3.

This expansion of CTN also warranted a category of its own, so if you ever want to review the news, just click on the Coffee Time News link to your left.

Thanks again to James for volunteering, and we hope you enjoy the next week of news, reports and articles here at Axby.



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