Coffee Time News 09/06/14

Hello people! It’s Monday morning which means it’s time for the news! James will be here this week with his Gaming news from E3 later on, so here’s your Film and Television fix!


Last week Marvel got a lot of our attention, what with the Antman Director search and Dr Strange’s Director confirmation. But this week could be DC’s week, as tomorrow it looks like we’ll be getting a look at something new from the studio, possibly more costumes, judging from these tweets.

Oh I’m sorry, did that give the impression there was nothing from Marvel on the Cards? Antman actually has a director now, AS WELL AS A SYNOPSIS. That’s right guys, ANTMAN IS  A HEIST MOVIE.

Guillermo Del Toro is working on a Pacific Rim 2 script, and it won’t be a sequel, but will still be a spectacle. Interesting as I thought the Kaiju invasion was stopped. I dunno, maybe they’ll team up with friendly alpha predator Godzilla.

Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol was the most successful films in the franchise’s Box Office history, and finally some light has been brought to the fifth instalment, along with confirmation on Jeremy Renner’s involvement.


Agent Carter’s star Hayley Atwell has teased the return of Dominic Cooper’s Howard Stark in the first series of Agent Carter. Which makes sense, considering that they seemed close in Cap 1.

There’s a new trailer for Hellblazer based show Constantine, it’s a minute of mostly new stuff, as well as a little more on the relationship between the two leads.

Mathew McConaughey has announced that, if the show called for it, he’d be open to returning in the second season of True Detective. Which might help with the transition between new characters and settings, even if he’s just a bridge.


Well guys, that’s it, James will be here later on with some gaming news, have a good one.


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