Pre-E3 News

Hello and welcome,

E3 2014 is this week and the press conferences begin today. However as I write this, sat in Britain, it is the morning and the conferences don’t begin until late evening our time. This, as our loyal readers know, is not our usual news posting time. But due to the importance of E3 and the sheer amount of news it generates I (James) will be periodically posting throughout the first half of this week in between the main conferences, and then returning to morning posts once the conferences have finished and the actual E3 exhibition opens its doors.

However as you have come for some news, here is a little bit that took place since Friday during the calm before the storm that is E3.

Tomodachi Life was released in the West on Friday, receiving mixed to positive reviews. Some reviewers were turned off by the lack of “gameplay” whilst the games absurdist style of humour very much depended on the individual. Personally, I’ve been having a great time with it, having Satoru Iwata sing a ballad rendition of a Nintendo Direct is something special.

In further Nintendo news, the success Mario Kart 8 has led to the WiiU selling the second largest number of hardware units globally after the PS4, and selling substantially more than the Xbox One.

Also do you remember a title announced by Sony at E3 around 5 years ago called The Last Guardian? A spiritual sequel to Shadow of the Colossus. Well IGN claimed the long awaited title had finally been cancelled, only for Sony to quickly reiterate that it had not been cancelled. Maybe we will find out at Sony’s conference?

Talking of E3 conferences, here is a list of what time they take place, but if like me you are not in the Pacific time area here they are in British Summer Time (and CET):

Monday: 09/06/2014

Microsoft: Pre-show: 5:00pm (6:00PM) Conference: 5:30PM (6:30PM)

EA: 10:00PM (11:00PM)

Ubisoft: Pre-show: 10:30pm (11:30pm) Conference: 11:00PM (12:00AM)

Sony: Pre-show: 1:30AM (2:30AM) Conference: 2:AM (3AM)

Tuesday: 10/06/2014

Nintendo: Digital Event: 5:00PM Super Smash Bros Invitational: 12:00AM

Also I will be live tweeting throughout all of these events, so if you are unable to stream these events but still have access to the Internet, or just wish to read someone elses take on the events you can follow me @CrazyBlue.


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