Coffee Time News 10/06/14

Mornin’ all, some film and tv news to satiate your appetite, James will be back later on with more E3 news, check out his first round up here.


Ghostbusters 3 is still, mind the phrasing, in movie making purgatory at the minute. But more information keeps leaking out like so much leaking ectoplasm. Check out a pretty comprehensive account here.

Remember a while ago I mentioned Lucy, the Scarlett Johannson ‘superhero’ film where her brain power begins to expand? Well it’s got a trailer and it looks like a good blast.

Sigourney Weaver will be in the Avatar sequel, but since her character is somewhat mortally impaired, it will be interesting to see where they go with all of that.


Arrow star Stephen Amell discusses the Justice League and the possibility of he and the Flash joining up with the silver screen big wigs.

The Walking Dead is planned until season 12, so I hope we’re still into arguing people and the occasional Zombie in 2019.

Not so much news, but a nice little feature, 20 quotes from game of thrones that had a major impact on the show’s events (spoilers are quite likely.)


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