Doing the Green Bag Boogie, Or why aren’t you watching Suits right now?

By Sara Da Silva

You can’t truly understand the phrase “when shit hits the fan”, until you’ve seen Suits (or Game of Thrones, but that’s a whole other article). Suits has it all: drama, comedy, romance, heart-wrenching moments and good looking lawyers. What more could you want?

The USA Network show follows Mike Ross (played by Patrick J. Adams) in his endeavours as a fraudulent lawyer working at the fictitious law firm, Pearson Hardman. After a drug deal goes wrong, Mike ends up at an interview for Harvard graduates being hired at Pearson Hardman (…it’s a long story). By impressing big shot lawyer Harvey Specter (Gabriel Macht) with his eidetic memory, Mike finds himself in the lawyering business, despite never going to law school. Perhaps not the best idea in the long run, but he’s very suited for the job.

Yes, that terrible pun just happened.

The writer of the show, Aaron Korsh (Everybody Loves Raymond), has successfully created a series full of characters that are so easy to fall in love with. First, there’s Mike; talented, driven, incredibly adorable (if I do say so myself) and is the first half of one of the greatest bromances on television. The other half, Harvey, is quite the fan of quoting movies; making me quite the fan of Harvey. His quick wit, terrific jaw line and dapper suits also help.

One of my favourite characters, however, is the one and only Louis Litt (Rick Hoffman). Perhaps it’s his love of cats that makes our bond so strong. He is definitely the funniest character in the bunch, giving us light moments amongst the heart-gripping tension that is the will-they-won’t-they (get caught) nature of the show.

A lot of shows lack good female characters but this show isn’t one of them. Jessica Pearson (Gina Torres) is the co-founder and managing partner of the firm, who also happens to be a complete powerhouse. Donna Paulsen (Sarah Rafferty) is the sassy and confident legal secretary to Harvey who has no problem putting him in his place. Girl power, fuck yeah.

I genuinely cannot can’t find much fault to the show. I did momentarily stop binge watching it in order to obsess over MTV’s Catfish, but I soon jumped back on the bandwagon and I am now waiting for season 4 to begin this week.

If it sounds like it suits you, get binge watching ASAP. You won’t be disappointed.


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