E3: EA and Ubisoft Conferences


I’m still recovering from the 4AM finish of Sony’s conference which was long and also news filled (expect details soon). For now here is a wrap up of EA’s and Ubisoft’s conferences, there will be some games where I don’t go into much detail as they either received plenty of coverage previously during Microsoft’s conference, or subsequently at Sony’s.


Star Wars Battlefront

Very little actual information still exists about this game, but what we do know from the video that started off EA’s conference is that the team at DICE are committed to Star Wars, so much so that they have gone to the locations where the film was shot to perfectly recreate the environments. The test footage they have so far is stunning, and DICE do know how to make great multiplayer shooters, so good things to come I expect.

Dragon Age Inquisition

Another trailer for Inquisition, but different to the one shown during Microsoft’s, this one also included live music playing over it. They also went into more details about the different characters and the different styles of play available.

Mass Effect

After Inquisition Bioware started a video with music from Mass Effect, then some of the key members of the team began talking about the series, some concept footage was shown. But nothing of any significance. What do we know? Only that a new Mass Effect is in development, what that game will be like? It is still too soon for even the developers to know.

They also went on to talk about a new IP they are starting, but this was just as vague as the Mass Effect announcement. But the trees in the game will look excellent.

Sims 4

How do you follow up Dragon Age and Mass Effect? With the the Sims. Although actually it was a wise decision as there is a notable crossover among certain segments of the gaming audience. Essentially it is more of the same, but better. There is also more interactivity among the Sims in that they seem less confined to their immediate home. Also you can import Sims from other peoples games.

EA Sports

EA showed off the upcoming titles from their various sport franchises. Apparently they contain more emotion?

UFC will contain Bruce Lee because of reasons and there are new NHL and Madden games. However the new PGA golf game utilises the Frostbite engine, which is exactly how it sounds, there are explosions in a golf game! The trailer showed someone teeing off (that’s correct golf terminology right?) over a battleship that is on fire! EA, that is how you get someone interested in a golf game.

Then there was obviously a new Fifa, but they referred to it as football having just also referred to Madden as football, I assume many Americans were confused by this.

Criterion new IP

Criterion announced that they were working on a new IP, then showed off various extreme activities, mostly involving engine based vehicles, but not exclusively. Unfortunately there is very little to add, but it appears we won’t likely be seeing a Burnout game any time soon.

Mirror’s Edge 2

The game was teased last year, and from what was shown off this year the game still has some way to go before being anywhere near complete.

Battlefield Hardline

Having been leaked EA were wise not to go into detail explaining what the game is, although Battlefield Cops and Robbers pretty much sums it up. They showed off a video showing what gameplay is actually like and displaying the amount of destruction possible. Then Adam Boyes from Sony comes onto the stage to announce that the Beta will be coming exclusively to the PS4 and you can register now. At which point the servers crashed.

That was everything from EA, it wasn’t a bad conference, although they may have gone a little far with the teasers.


Far Cry 4

Announced a couple of weeks ago to investors, but for the first time we get a proper introduction to the games “villain” who came off well, it might not quite have the same ring as Vaas’ ‘do you know the definition of insanity’ but he did have a good discussion with a soldier about the difference between ‘stop’ and ‘shoot’.

Just Dance 2015

Things quickly took a turn for the worse with Just Dance coming on stage. This was followed by the announcement of a mobile app that allows more people to participate. It was embarrassing for everyone, including you.

The Division

Unlike the gameplay shown during Microsoft’s conference, this time there was a slow CG trailer giving more indication to the narrative tone of the game.

The Crew

They explained the games key feature of not having loading screens between locations, that it is one massive open world. They also announced that the game would contain missions that last 2 hours!

Assassin’s Creed Unity

More footage shown off, different to what was shown at Microsoft and at Sony. The difference here is more decapitations.

Shape Up

Just in case you wanted more fitness games. Although I have to give Ubisoft credit, as this fitness game does look mildly interesting. It actually looks like a fitness game.

Valiant Hearts

Not a new announcement, and no new details were provided. More of a case of reminding people that this WW1 game made using the same engine as Rayman Legends and Child of Light is coming soon. It does look excellent, it’s great to see a studio try to make a poignant game about The Great War.

Rainbow Six: Siege

The big final announcement of the night. Many people were wondering if we would hear more about Rainbow Six: Patriots, well that appears to have been cancelled and replaced by Siege. Only a multiplayer hostage mode was shown off. It also allowed for the house the hostage rescue was taking place in to receive plenty of damage in pursuit of saving the hostage. I’ll wait for more details first.


And that is it from the main Publishers conferences. Nothing particularly mind blowing, more of a confirmation of what we already knew, with a couple of small surprises thrown in.


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