E3: Nintendo Digital Event

The moment I was waiting for the most, and I was not disappointed. Just under 50 minutes of solid information. More details regarding titles we knew about, updates to ones we knew next to nothing about and brand new announcements. I could barely keep up with the amount being revealed whilst also trying to keep my excitement in check.

You can read my synopsis here, but I highly recommend you watch the Digital Event, just for the brilliance on show and the humour provided by Iwata and Reggie as well as bits created by Robot Chicken.

That’s right Robot Chicken made the intro and various skits for Nintendo! Just when we were still getting used to the fact Mega 64 made the announcement video a while back. The videos still managed to capture the Nintendo charm, as well mocking the expectations held against Nintendo, such as ‘where is the new Star Fox?’

This was then followed by a live action fight scene between Iwata and Reggie before starting to reveal the big new addition to Super Smash Bros.

Super Smash Bros (WiiU and 3DS)

After the fight sequence between Iwata and Reggie, it was shown that Mii’s can now be used, but the difference is that they can be assigned to one of three different classes, these being; Mii Brawler, Mii Sword Fighter, and Mii Gunner. Providing variety and giving the Mii’s an appropriate amount of power.

Then the Nintendo Figurine Program that utilises the GamePad’s NFC was properly revealed. This is part of something Nintendo have called Amiibo and will start with Super Smash Bros WiiU. But it will also soon come to Mario Kart 8 and other titles, including those on the 3DS via an add on for the system.

At the end of the video Palutena was also announced as a new playable character.

Yoshi’s Wooly World

At one point it was known as Yoshi’s Yarn like it’s spiritual predecessor Kirby’s Epic Yarn. The yarn effect is stunning and there are plenty of vibrant colours. It would have to be Nintendo to properly utilise colour in HD.

Captain Toad Treasure Tracker

Remember the Toad minigame in Super Mario 3D World? And that there were many people who said it would be great if Nintendo turned it into a full game. Well Nintendo listened, that’s part of the power of the Miiverse, and here is a full game taking the concept even further. It’s still not clear whether it is an eshop title or not, but it will be released later this year.

Zelda WiiU

We finally see what the new Zelda game will look like, and it is breathtaking. Anouma shows off a Hyrule field with a rolling vista with mountains in the distance. It has a graphical style that is reminiscent Skyward Sword but significantly more detailed. He goes on to say that you can travel to that mountain, and that game will offer more freedom and will move away from the recent formula. Then we saw the “new” Link in action, with a unique outfit and a new style of arrow to take on this unknown enemy.

Very little information was offered, as expected, but it is plenty for now. The only other information provided is that it will be released at some point next year.

Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire

A more detailed look at the Ruby and Sapphire titles remade using the X and Y engine. The trailer also confirms the inclusion of Mega Evolutions, which was a great features in X and Y and will be a nice addition to these remakes. European release in November 28.

Bayonetta 2

More footage of the beat em’ up from Platinum Games that is being published by Nintendo. The trailer also announced that the original Bayonetta is coming to the WiiU with additional Nintendo content. This would be part of a bundle containing both games arriving this October.

Hyrule Warriors

The working title seems to remain, but the game is increasingly looking good, and provides a nice alternative to the normal Zelda games. It was also announced that Zelda and Midna are also playable characters. Plus the game allows for two players, but one can use the screen and the other can use the GamePad.

Kirby and the Rainbow Curse

The subtitle wasn’t announced until after the Digital Event, but for a while I was personally referring to it as Kirby’s Claymation. This is on the WiiU and makes great use of the GamePad controlling Kirby in plasticine world.

Xenoblade Chronicles X

Previously referred to as simply “X” it has now taken on the full title from the previous game by Monolith. Another example of the power that the WiiU possesses. Although still waiting for more information but it has just been announced that it will launch sometime next year.

Mario Maker

This was the one Nintendo game that was leaked last week. Mario Maker allows you to make your very own Mario level, and you can switch between the original 8-bit style and the more recent “New” style. It is an interesting concept, and one that makes you wonder why this hasn’t been done before.


A brand new title that features 8 player online multiplayer. It is a third person shooter where the objective is to cover as much of the arena with your colour ink than the other team. This doesn’t sound too exciting, but it includes interesting interaction with the ink as well as full utilisation of the GamePad. Another title set for 2015.

After Splatoon was an anime style video which showed Link and Pitt fighting, eventually Palutena  arrives and then it is announced she is a new character for Smash Bros.

Then a quick message from Miyamoto which shows him playing about with what we now know to be the WiiU Star Fox prototype.

Whilst that was it from the Digital Event, Nintendo is still announcing bits and pieces through its Treehouse Live over on Twitch (with these then being put onto YouTube) which I recommend you check out. Already they have gone into more detail about Amiibo.

That concludes all of the presentations, although E3 is by no means over. Continue to check back as there will be more news.


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