E3: Sony PlayStation Conference

This was the big one, would Sony be able to follow last years presentation that helped them reach the position they are currently enjoying. A presentation that resulted in many claiming Sony had “won” E3. With the PS4 release out of the way it was obviously going to be hard to top last years. The result this could potentially vary based on your preference in games.


The massive new game from Halo creators Bungie launched the presentation. Which is significant as there was no mention of the game at all during Microsoft’s presentation (although it started with Activision’s other big series Call of Duty, which got no mention here). The trailer included a Guilty Spark type character, but this was voiced by none other than Peter Dinklage!

Sony Computer Entertainment CEO Andrew House announced that the Beta would be coming first to PlayStation, as well as a closed Alpha for PS4 players starting this Thursday for three days. In addition was the announcement of a white PS4 which is part of a Destiny bundle.

The Order

Oddly very little was said about the game this time. Just a very pretty gameplay video which showed how seamless the transition between gameplay and “cut-scenes” are. Also got a better look at the zombie-werewolf enemies.


A brand new title and first ever game from new indie studio that is formed of recent graduates. You control two different dragons and navigate them along increasingly artistic scenes. The control scheme sounds akin to that of Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons. Also the game was released immediately on PS4, is also Cross-Buy, with the PS3 and Vita versions coming soon.

Infamous: First Light DLC

New DLC for Infamous Second Son not a lot more to add really. Although the trailer was also rather vague.

Little Big Planet 3

This was possibly one of the biggest announcements of the night. There were some people saying it could happen, but even then no one was certain. But there it was, and to thunderous response from the audience. How is it different to the previous games? Well there are now different characters, it is no longer just Sackboy. The different characters aren’t just for aesthetic reasons so you buy more outfits, as they all have different abilities, that also means more possibilities for different levels. Also all existing levels made for the previous games will be playable in LBP3.


For a while now From Software (creators of Demon Souls and Dark Souls 1 and 2) have been teasing something referred to as Blood Beast. Well that is now Blood Borne. It I’m being honest it looks like a Japanese take on The Order, except I expect significantly more difficult.

Far Cry 4

Unlike in the Ubisoft presentation, this time we see actual gameplay. Is it like Far Cry 3? Yes. Does it seem to expand upon it, yes. There are more possible interactions with the environment and vehicles, resulting in more chaos. Also there is no co-op, and there’s more. You can invite a friend to join who doesn’t own a copy of the game, and this is a PlayStation exclusive.

Dead Island 2

The first Dead Island game became known for its slow and powerful trailer showing the fear of zombies attacking ones family. This time, it’s all about the humour.

Grim Fandango

After a humorous letter which it transpired to have come from Tim Schafer, it was announced that due to a partnership with Disney, the classic adventure game would be coming to PS4 and Vita.

Devolver Digital

Sony then announced a partnership with publisher of indie’s Devolver Digital. Meaning that PlayStation would be the first to receive titles such as Hotline Miami 2, Not a Hero, Broforce, Titan Souls and more.

Let It Die

This was the news that really made me say ‘I need a PS4!’. This is a new title from mad auteur Suda 51, and what’s more, it’s PS4 exclusive. What is the game about, to be honest, not sure. But the logo does have a grim reaper on a skateboard.


A new title from some of the people behind previous PlayStation exclusive Journey. This time it is a nautical adventure. Also, it should go without saying, looks stunning.

No Man’s Sky

First shown off at the VGX, but now we see what the gameplay will look like and more examples of the procedurally generated worlds. Also there are dinosaurs. The game looks like the sci-fi game we’ve all been waiting for, one where you are free to explore the whole galaxy at your own pace. How this is possible from such a small British team, I think they might be cyberwizards.


Sony also announced that more content will be coming to the Playroom and for free.

Free to Play

They also reaffirmed their commitment to free to play games and showed off a video displaying dozens of different titles. Also highlighting that you do not need PS Plus to play these online games.

PlayStation Now

The digital streaming service will begin with PS3 games and a public beta will be coming to North America in July for PS4. Soon after the service will be coming to PS3, Vita and certain Sony TV’s. It will be a true beta, as Sony intend to learn as much as possible from it, included how best to charge for the service.

PlayStation TV (Vita TV)

This was released in Japan last year as Vita TV, but is now coming to North America and Europe under the title Playstation TV. It will also support PlayStation Now, as well as PS4 remote play, various streaming services, PS1 games and certain Vita games. The US price will be $99 for just the console and $139 which includes a DualShock controller, HDMI cable, 8GB card and a digital copy of The Lego Movie Game. Will launch around Q3 this year.

Mortal Kombat X

It’s Mortal Kombat and is just as violent as before. Make of that what you will.

TV and film…

This is where the presentation hit a real low. They announced that a comic series called Powers is getting a TV adaptation exclusively for PSN. Then they get someone who looks like the Kingpin to talk about it for far too long.

Then there were more details about the Ratchet and Clank film.

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

The trailer had accidentally gone out early before being taken down, which Andrew House referenced as the trailer was shown. I’m still going through the Metal Gear Solid series, so the trailer only makes some sense, but the main point is, war does bad things to people.


Everyone thought it might happen, and it has. GTA V is coming to next gen (current gen?) consoles. Also they announced that online progress made on an XBox 360 and PS3 can be transferred to the PS4 version. (Also it was later announced that it would also be coming to Xbox One and PC later this year)

Arkham Knight

They showed off footage of the Batmobile in action, which basically turns into a tank. Apparently Batman is fine with using a cannon.

Uncharted 4: At Thieves End

The final big reveal of the night was the first proper trailer for the next entry in the Uncharted series.


Phew, that was a lot of news, more so than any of the other presentations so far. Aside from the faltering around the ¾ mark, it was the most informative and interesting so far. Now we just need to see what the God’s at Nintendo have in store.  


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