Coffee Time News 11/06/14

Here’s the news for today, keep check our social feeds if you’d like to see the last words from E3 too.


A sonic the hedgehog movie will be made, though not live action like that one plumber movie we don’t talk about, but CGI, and will be written by a team behind the Jetsons.

Star Wars Episode 7 could very well see a female antagonist, especially considering the two latest additions to the cast, which I’m more than happy to see.

Transformers 4 has a bit more action in one new trailer, as well as an all human scene that, I suppose, is meant to humanise the story, which the giant robot flick always seemed to fall short of.


The flash has a new featurette, as well as a plot synopsis, so go here and check out some insider information of S.T.A.R labs.

Could the helmet seen in the most recent Constantine trailer be a cheeky little homage, or is it a nod to a larger DC universe? Take a look at this discussion if you’re interested.

It’s Wednesday, I know, it’s almost as far away from the next Game of Thrones as it could be, so here’s some behind the scenes just for you.


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