E3: News 12/06/14

The E3 that keeps on giving. Traditionally once the presentations have concluded three is very little new information to come out of the event. Sony and (especially) Nintendo have been doling out more information during various different live events over the past couple of days. During which they have sat down with different developers who have provided new details about their games. Nintendo in addition to their Treehouse Live stream have also held a Super Smash Bros Roundtable (but there was no roundtable) and this morning (Last night in the US) they held a 90 minute presentation announcing a new IP for the 3DS family.

But before first the non-Nintendo news:

Dead Island 2

This was somehow not highlighted during the announcement trailer but it was revealed yesterday that the Dead Island sequel is being developed by none other than Yager, the studio behind the devastating military shooter Spec Ops: The Line, the shooter that has put all the others to shame. A possible reason for the complete absence of current day military shooters?

But before you, like I and many other writers had, assume that Yager will apply the same tone to Dead Island rewatch the trailer. Yeah, so it turns out Yager has no intention of being serious this time around, and instead are making the sequel even more crazy. Want proof, Yager announced that they have somehow managed to do motion capture with a cat?

Let It Die

Even more news about the Suda 51 title, which we still know little about. This time it was revealed that the online game Grasshopper Manufacture announced a while ago Lily Bergamo has since been cancelled and many of the assets and ideas have been incorporated into Let It Die.

Now onto the Nintendo news:

Super Smash Bros

During the Roundtable and reiterated during the Treehouse livestream more was revealed about how the 3Ds version and WiiU versions would intereact. Well it turns out that you can move your characters and their stats between the two games. With the new game you are now able to train up your characters, altering their move sets and making them more powerful. Before you start worrying about balance, this does not apply to every mode and can be turned off. Anyway during the Treehouse stream they made the point that with the 3DS version coming out first you can begin training on that and then when you get the WiiU version transfer your fighters to the WiiU.

Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem

Not much more to say about this crossover for the WiiU, other than it is still in production and is apparently on schedule. Aside from that there nothing to announce unfortunately.

Advance Wars and Fire Emblem

During a talk with people from Nintendo owned studio Intelligent Systems, they are thinking about the next Advance Wars and Fire Emblem titles, but can’t reveal any more details until the time is right.

Code Name: S.T.E.A.M.

Nintendo and Intelligent Systems revealed that their new IP is Code Name: S.T.E.A.M. Strike Team Eliminating the Alien Menace. Turns out this new IP is a ‘turn based strategy game with lots of unique elements from action games’. The game is set in a steam-era London but displayed using comicbook styled visuals. Whilst this wasn’t the big Majora’s Mask 3D reveal that many had been hoping for, it is good to see Nintendo focus on a new IP, and given the talents at Intelligent Systems it will likely be a pleasing experience.  I look forward to getting more information though and maybe a trailer.


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