Coffee Time News 17/06/14


Have you guys seen The Raid? No? Is it because of the subtitles? Well lucky for you it’s getting an american remake (because that’s not a new idea or anything. Here’s some news on the casting.

Jason Momoa (Khal Drogo in Game of Thrones) has officially been cast as Aquaman in Dawn of Justice. Yup. Well at least he should bring some baddassery to the role.

There’s a new UK Guardians of the Galaxy trailer out, they’ve done away with the 80’s music and added something a little more epic, which is a shame, but the dialogue, especially towards the end, is very promising.


Hey guys, remember the Powerpuff girls? I know I do (I still have nightmares about Him. Well they’re rebooting them for this generation. Maybe the young ones can be saved.

Remember back in our first week we announced that Heroes was returning in the form of Heroes Reborn, with a whole new cast? Well apparently it’s not all new, HRG will be returning, which in my opinion, is the best character to return as the company sort of held the show together during its peak.

That’s it, Game of Thrones is done for another year. If you want to extend your time in Westeros for just a little more, here’s the weekly dose of featurettes from HBO.


Destiny’s Playstation exclusive content has been announced; new guns, maps and ships. Pretty standard.

Pay Day 2’s newest, and biggest, DLC, which is a huge bank job, has received great replayability praise. Check out some of the new features and some footage here.

Finally, Minecraft is taking a stance against some of the more extortionate pay to win servers.


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