Coffee Time News 20/06/14


After doing so well at this year’s Sundance festival, there’s a trailer for ‘Dear White People’ and it demands some answers for Hollywood’s portrayal of black people, and it looks great.

Robert Downey Jr is in a film that isn’t Ironman! It’s called The Judge and could have the potential to show off RDJ’s real emotional side, which I’m all for, it looks like it’ll mostly be a drama with some quips and what not to lighten the mood.

The Hunger Games; Mockingjay has released a whole host of new posters showing off the districts and their specialities in a propaganda style marketing campaign.


Fans of Orange is the New Black might be interested to read this interview with Patricia Squire who played Golden Girl Jimmy.

Breaking Bad may be over, but the world isn’t done with yet. Better Call Saul, which was due to release this year has been delayed. But no fear, as it’s also been confirmed that it will be getting a second season of 13 episodes already.


Say so long to your bank accounts because the Steam sale has kicked off and no amount of money is safe.

Destiny, which recently had a very brief Alpha, will also have a mobile app to keep track of your character’s stats and story progression

N64 games could be coming to the WiiU virtual console. You know what that could mean? MAJORAS MASK.


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