Coffee Time News 24/06/14


The script for Ready Player One, Ernest Cline’s brilliantly praised sci fi novel, is having another rewrite, Zak Penn, who worked on The Incredible Hulk, X2 and the Avengers. Hopefully he can give the script what it needs to get it to a director.

The Purge, a horror film where one night a year anything is legal, has a sequel and a trailer, check it out here. More of the same I imagine, but if you liked the original, then badam.

Straight off the news that Batman Vs Superman will have a teaser at Comic-con come the very similar news that Avengers Age of Ultron will have a trailer there too, the first trailer I might add. As well as maybe a few new bits regarding phase 3.


The brains behind the Matrix and Cloud Atlas have released cast and plot details for their new Netflix original ‘Sense8’ about people who become telepaths, intrinsically linked to one another after a death.

Gotham, if it gets greenlit into a second season, would really like to include Mr Freeze. Which I’d like to see, considering that it’s a villain we’ve not seen realised in a dark, psuedo believable way.


Did you play Twilight Princess? Did you collect those golden bugs? Well remember that creepy girl you gave them to, Agatha? You can play as her in Hyrule Warriors. I’m hoping for some kind of golden bug swarm special attack.

There’s been a massive Witcher 3 leak, so if you’re interested in the game, avoid those files/articles like the plague.

Mirrors Edge, which was a game I thoroughly enjoyed, is getting a sequel, which will focus on first person combat as well as movement, which is great, because the small amount of disarming and what not in the first game was promising, but poorly executed.


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