Coffee Time News 25/06/14


Jurassic World has some behind the scenes footage for you right here at the Hollywood Reporter, check it out here if you want more dino-info.

Who said that there are too many reboots around nowadays? Because Predator is getting another one, you know, on top of that one from 2010? Shane Black is behind it, which makes me hope he’ll do something a bit different to more of the same macho, jungle romp. If you’re going to redo something, might as well make your mark on it.

And Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles has a second trailer, this time we see a lot more of the turtles themselves as well as a bit more plot.


12 Monkeys was a fantastic film, but will it make a fantastic TV show? SyFy releases a bit of info on the adaption which should appear on screens in January next year.

Community may be cancelled, but it may not be dead just yet, despite reports that Hulu/Community negotiations have broken down The Wrap has reported that that’s not quite the case and that there’s still one significant party interested.


Impa, Zelda’s Sheikah royal guard, has her own moveset video for the up and coming Hyrule Warriors. That sword looks huge.

Pay Day 2’s DLC is now available on PS4, having only been available on PC up until now.

Evolve, possibly team Axby’s most anticipated game of this year, leads the E3 critics’ nomination, which is promising! Check out the whole list here.


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