Coffee Time News 26/06/14


Remember yesterday when I reported the reboot of Predator by Ironman 3 and Kiss Kiss Bang Bang director Shane Black and called it a reboot? Well Black has now come out to state that it will be an inventive sequel and not just a reset.

Award winning actor Ben Kingsley has been cast as Bagheera in Jon Favreau’s up and coming live action adaptation of The Jungle Book. He’ll star along side Idris Elba and Scarlett Johansson as well as 12 years a slave star Lupita Nyong’o.

And finally, the teaser trailer for the Hunger Games Mockingjay that came out about 5 minutes after I published the news yesterday. Go figure.


Gotham, a show that I’m increasingly excited for, has released another host of posters, as well as our first look at Poison Ivy.

The Flash and Arrow have season premiers all signed off, they’re October 7th and October 8th respectively.  DC fans are going to have a blast come October.


Minecraft has now sold more on consoles than on the PC. Which is cool. I mean, I own it on both, but then, you know, I’ve nothing better to do.

The Legend of Korra, you know, the ATLA sequel series, has a game coming out, from the makers of Bayonetta, it could be good, considering the source materiel has more action in it than its precursor, but then again, this is a tie in game.

There’s a little leaked news about GTA online’s heists and new missions, the heists may just be new missions though, and not what we were all waiting for…


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