Coffee Time News 27/06/14


Pacific Rim 2 will release in 2017, it has been said. There will also be an animated series to accompany it.

The Fantastic Four reboot will apparently have a Chronicle/Cloverfield-esk found footage style. which will make this the second handy came flick Michael B Jordan (The Human Torch) has been in.

The director of 2016’s Star Trek 3 (Roberto Orci) has teased a little bit about the storyline of the third film, stating that because the first 2 films were effectively origin stories, the third will be more of what we recognise from the series.


Fans of the web series Red Vs Blue, should be happy to know that the first 5 seasons of Roosterteeth’s Machinima are on Netflix, which is excellent.

Elden Henson (Butterfly Effect and Deja vu) has joined the Daredevil cast as Charlie Cox’s best friend (previously played by Jon Favreau)


A whole host of screenshots from Hyrule Warriors have emerged, hinting at some of the special moves from some of the characters. I have to admit it looks very pretty.

So, there was a goat simulator. Now there seems to be a rock simulator, at least, there’s one in the works. Fantastic.

Assassins Creed Unity will bring back Revelations’ bomb system, which I think will work much more effectively now that the game can apparently render 5,000 Parisians on screen at once.


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