Lazy Sunday List: The Top Five games that let you feel totally badass

By Joe Strange

Games are great, they let you do things that you could never feasibly do, see things that could never exist, steal things just by popping a basket on someone’s head.

They are escapism at its greatest, but some games go above and beyond in epic realisation and let you feel like an absolutely flawless killing machine. And as we all know, that’s the best way to be a total badass. These are my top five games that make you feel oh so epic.

5: Borderlands Series

Guns Guns Guns. That’s effectively what Borderlands is about; all those damn guns.

It’s the main selling point for the game, a thousand different types of guns that do a thousand different things, and there’s nothing quite like upgrading your character just right, and then finding that perfect acid firing sniper rifle.

If you really want to feel the rush, I’d advise the Mechromancer class in Borderlands 2; her anarchy ability makes every fight a crazy rush of explosions, yelling and craziness. Also she has a giant rocket firing robot. So there’s that too.

4: Assassin’s Creed Series

You are the knife in the crowd, your target’s deadly shadow. You hide in plain sight before you use your hidden blade to bring justice to the world. Then you slip away unnoticed, no one knew you were even there.

Or, you could leap from a building, breaking your fall with your target, his guards turn on you, and you parry and block and riposte until you stand above a pile of templars. One smoke bomb and you’re already half way to your next target.

Assassin’s Creed makes free running easy, it makes sword fighting a simple task, and it does this all while making you, the player, look like an absolute boss. The ease of awesomeness in Assassin’s Creed is what makes you feel like a badass.

3: Dark Souls

I hear you, I do, ‘Joe, you idiot, you’ve got this on the wrong list’. I understand, but there’s something about Dark Souls. Dark Souls, for those who don’t know it is ruthlessly unforgiving, notoriously difficult and the cause for 30% of controller smashes a year. So how does it make you feel like a baddass?

Exactly because of that; because it’s so damn hard.

There’s something almost poetic, and so satisfying about facing a group of enemies that have killed you more times than you’ve had hot undead dinners and then slicing, blocking and sidestepping them perfectly. Walking out of a previously decimating fight without a scratch is almost worth the 100’s of monies I’ve spent on controllers. Almost.

2: Far Cry 3

Far Cry 3 is a fantastic example of character developing excellently along with the skill trees and the moves you can pull off. When we first play as Jason he can barely hold a gun the right way, his first kill is traumatising, and its only a nameless henchman. By the end of the game we’re bailing out of a truck covered in explosives, bound for an outpost, detonating the payload and rushing in, vaulting up buildings, pulling enemies down and then leaping on their buddies, knife in hand.

The progression of the character is what makes you feel so awesome, when you look back and realise all these new skills you’ve acquired, like stabbing a fella, pulling his knife out of his belt and lobbing it at his friend, you realise that you’ve been promoted to badass.

Also, you can use a bow with explosive arrows. That’s pretty damn cool.

1: The Batman Arkham series.

You play as the god damn Batman. Done.


Oh, what? I need to write more?

Well as the world’s greatest detective you have a plethora of gadgets and abilities that allow you to neutralise threats with ease. But the thing about this series is that you’re not invincible, but when you total a group of guys with guns, shields and tasers, you really do feel like the Batman.


So that’s my list of the games that make me feel the tops. Did I miss one of yours? Leave a comment below and we’ll duke it out.


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