Coffee Time News 30/06/14


In a surprise to no one, Transformers 4 has dominated the US box office this weekend taken over a hundred million. That’s 8 zeroes. That’s a lot of zeroes for a film that hasn’t been completely loved by critics.

And another reboot has some news, the fifth Terminator film, previously titled Terminator: Genesis will now simply be called Terminator, you know, to really confuse things.

A trailer for The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby has been released. The last I heard this film was actually part of two, one telling the story from one point of view and the other, or next one, will be telling the story from the other point of view. Interesting.


The newest Doctor Who season 8 Teaser has hit the youtubes. Titled ‘Am I a Good Man‘ it gives us a brief look into the existential crisis that the Doctor seems to be dealing with now he’s regenerated.

Wet Hot American Summer, which is a phenomenal film that everyone should see, is getting the Netflix treatment, and by that I mean that they’re making a prequel series with the same writers and apparently. a lot of the original cast, and it’s a hell of a cast.

True Detective Season 2, which has had quite a bit of publicity about it, may not follow a host of characters like the previous season, but instead focus on one.


Last week I brought up Rock Simulator. Well, real people are giving real money to this game, and it’s got a trailer. You can actually donate, you know, if you’re really keen on rocks.

So a lot was learnt from the Destiny alpha, players like to kill things, wizards are from the moon and that voice acting wasn’t quite up to scratch. But that last one will be getting a change, two in fact. 


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