Coffee Time News 01/07/14

HAPPY JULY. Seriously, can you believe it’ July already? Crazy.
Anyway turn your eyeholes downwards and look at this news!


Xmen Apocalypse’s writer Bryan Singer has teased the prologue to his incredibly successful Days of Future Past, and it seems to focus on Apocalypse’s domination of Egypt.

The Bond of the 2000’s, Pierce Brosnan has expressed his interest in becoming on of film’s action men in the Expendables.

We’ve got a first look at Henry Cavill as Clark Kent from Dawn of Justice right here, doesn’t he look proper? No glasses though, so he’s not fooling anyone.


Community is back! That’s right, six seasons and a movie is halfway to being realised. Yahoo Video picked up the community college comedy after it was officially cancelled back in May. Yahoo must have been the secret backer from when we reported it a few weeks ago.

Better Call Saul, the Breaking Bad spinoff, will not just be a sequel, or a prequel, but will cover before, during and after the original show.

DC’s assault on the television universe will begin at San Diego Comic-Con, with the premier for Gotham and the Flash, an exclusive look at Constantine and the season 3 premier of Arrow all showing at the convention.


Following the success of Sony, Nintendo have finally introduced cross buy games to their consoles. I mean, it’s only one game, and it only works one way, but it’s a start.

New Games for Gold are here today, check them out, though personally none of them take my fancy, lucky the steam sale just ended and I’ve got more games than I know what to do with.

Fallout 3, one of my all time favourite games (and possibly, my favourite series (who am I kidding, I love you Zelda)) has had a new record. Normally the game takes hours to complete, I’m talking weeks of play. Well someone did that in 24 minutes. 



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