Coffee Time News 02/07/14


Horrible Bosses was a fantastically unexpected comedy, and when I heard it had a sequel I was even more excited, well that sequel has a trailer, and it looks like it’s going to be most excellent.

Kevin Smith, who is just as excited about Star Wars Episode 7 as the rest of us, was out discussing the new film and kind of definitely confirmed Stormtroopers sort of.

The tracklist for Guardians of the Galaxy’s soundtrack, or at least, Starlord’s Mix Tape, has been released, and it’s full to the brim with excellent tunes. Also, I’m in love with the album art.


So now that Community has a sixth season, what about this movie they’re always on about? Well actually, now you mention it…

There’s a load of on set video’s for AMC’s The Walking Dead, and apparently it’s being called more brutal than ever before.

Devon Aoki (Sin City) has been cast as katana wielding comic character, er, Katana in season 3 of Arrow. And like most characters in this show, will probably show up in those 5 years of flashbacks we’re making our way through.


Kevin Spacey’s in the new COD, but you knew that. N-E way, here’s a behind the scenes of the game which focusses on the animation and art direction.

Last week we reported that Evolve, the 4v1 from Left for Dead creators Turtle Rock, was in the running to clean up in the critics awards for E3 this year, and it did.

Finally here’s some new shots and tweets from Super Smash Brothers; We’ve got alternative outfits,  different sized fighters and stage specific shenanigans.


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