Coffee Time News 04/07/14

Happy Independence day Americans, happy, er, Friday, everyone else.



Sin City 2 has a new clip, focussing on Jessica Alba’s character and how she’s suddenly all scarry.

In a world of G.I Joes and Transformers, another toy will take to the silver screen, this one’s called Max Steel, and I’ve never heard of him.

Apparently Pacific Rim 2 will be a stand alone spectacle, and not just a sequel, as well as turning the original on its ear. Here’s also some information on that animated series we’ve heard about.


Riding straight off of the fantastic success that is Frozen, Once Upon A Time will be introducing a few main characters of the Disney film into their fourth season. And one of them will be played by Greek’s Cappy! (also known as the epitome of college life.)

The Killing, which is a show I completely missed out on, has a fourth season trailer, which will only be available on Netflix. Despite not watching the show, the trailer shows some really tense potential.

Stephen Amell, of Arrow fame, has had to officially state that we won’t be seeing him in Dawn of Justice, after a few too many coy social media references


People living in the US and Canada can sign up for the Evolve PC Alpha right now. We here in the UK are jealous.

Speaking of try out; The Witcher Adventure Game, which is an online board game, is also open to beta testers, you can sign up here.

Nintendo has secret ideas for Zelda on the 3DS, *Disgruntled moan* probably means it’s not Majora’s Mask.


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