Coffee Time News 07/07/14

Happy Monday morning everyone, hope you’re weekend was top notch, here’s some news!


Two new unknown actors have been added to the Star Wars cast, one of whom is a parkour specialist. So, could we be seeing some free running Jedi or bounty hunters? I HOPE SO. (That’d be awesome)

Transformers 4 is still destroying the box office, much to no one’s surprise, 

Roosterteeth, the guys behind web series Red Vs Blue, Rwby, Immersion and Achievement Hunter, started an Indiegogo campaign for their first feature length movie a month ago. It had the modest goal of 650,000 dollars. They may have slightly surpassed that… In the end their total was over 2 million.


Doctor Who season 8 has another snippet of a teaser trailer, the voice is all dalek-y and everything.

The Flash has yet another behind the scenes featurette, and is it just me, or does the guy who plays Barry Alan (Grant Gustin) have a pretty superhero style name.

Gotham has Sin City’s composer on board (score) as well as casting the Penguin’s Mother.


Above I mentioned Roosterteeth’s first film project, well, at RTX, their annual Expo, they announced another first for the company; a video game. Originating in the community, the game will be based on the animated series Rwby.

More footage from Hyrule Warriors, this time it’s Midna (Twilight Princess) and her plethora of inter dimensional moves.

The Tower, an early access steam game, was released early, like, a year early, due to an error. This may have some repercussions, apparently.


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