Coffee Time News 08/07/14


Alright, first things first, there’s a new extended trailer for guardians of the galaxy right here. Showing new footage, extended funny scenes and more top notch soundtrack work.

People like Harry Potter right? Of course they do. Well here’s some more information, as well as a cheeky image teaser for Fantastic Beast and Where to Find them. Just waiting on a Quidditch through the ages film now and we’re set.

Ant Man, despite the hiccough that was the departure of Edgar Wright, still keeps trucking, and has a few new writers on the scene to help share the load.


BBC has asked fans not to spoil season 8 of Doctor who. Sounds weird no? Well a few of the upcoming season’s episodes have been leaked, script wise, and the BBC are urging fans not to be ‘that’ guy.

Brandon Routh, who some of you may know from TV’s Chuck, from the Superman Returns in 2006 or from Scott Pilgrim Vs the World, is set to play the Atom in the upcoming season of Arrow.
For those who don’t know, the Atom can change in size. So he’s basically DC’s Ant man.

Dangermouse, at least, the reboot that the BBC is undergoing, is going to see a bit of a gender swap. According to CBBC controller Cheryl Taylor, characters who we knew to be male won’t be so male any more. Frankly I hope it’s Dangermouse himself.


Along with dates for the game’s Beta, Destiny fans have also been gifted with some new information regarding their collectors editions, which can be found here.

Cheating is serious business, especially in Pokemon, and this guy has caused quite a stir at the Indiana tournament with a Pokemon that some have noticed isn’t quite on the level.

The decision to remove pools in the Sims 4 was to make a better game, and, I assume, to make you a better person. No more drowning for you. At least, not for a while.



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