Coffee Time News 10/07/14


The Expendables 3, you know, that one that has a load of action heroes fighting and blowing up things and, well being action heroes? Well it’s got another Trailer, and is out in August.

On the coat tails of Noah, as well as Exodus: Gods and Kings from yesterday, Ridley Scott has announced he’s developing a David and Goliath movie

Big one this one, the Hunger Games Mockingjay has another trailer, and it’s in a similar vein to the original PSA from the capitol, sort of.


Orphan Black, of which you can read Sara’s Watch List here, has been renewed for a third season, now beware , this link has spoilers for season 2, so watch out.

Robbie Amell, cousin to Arrow’s Stephen Amell, will appear in The Flash as Firestorm, apparently DC just runs in the blood in the Amell family.

It looks, from this nifty new TV spot, like Gotham will start around the time of the Murder of the Waynes, showing the impact that Jim had on Bruce Wayne.


No Man’s Sky, which looks really intriguing and interesting, will have a more typical multiplayer experience on top of the ‘scattered about the galaxy and bump into each other’.

A host of new Hyrule Warriors screens show some of the stages you’ll be fighting on, as well as that huge ball and chain from Twilight Princess that was used once in the entire game.



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