Coffee Time News 11/07/14


Lucy, the Scarlett Johansson ‘superhuman’ flick, has a new featurette, but more excitingly, a new red band trailer. And we all know how much fun they are. (Scroll down for the trailer if you’re short on time)

Doomsday, for those who don’t know, is the thing that ‘killed’ Superman way back during ‘The Death of Superman’, and there are rumours that he could be appearing in A Dawn of Justice. At least, he was in an earlier script. So you never know.

Remember the trailer guy voice? You know, the IN A WORLD… Fella? Well, he died a while ago, which is super sad, but his successor is back in a new TV spot for the Ninja Turtles. (Because now Transformers is out, another Bay film needs a lot of spotlight)


Lucy Griffith has left Constantine after the show has been taking a different direction, and so her character may appear only in the pilot.

Both Agents of SHIELD and Agent Carter will be at Comic Con this year, which is awesome… If you can get there. Can I hide in anyone’s suitcase?

Keeping it in the Superhero family today; Arrow Season 3 has a synopsis. Now, there may be spoilers ahead for those who’ve not seen season 2’s finale, and also for the first episode of season 3.


I love Alien, it’s still to this day one of my favourite sci fi films, and the fact that anyone can play the original cast in this year’s Alien Isolation is awesome, just awesome.

Charizard, arguably one of the coolest, raddest and other 90’s phrases Pokemon out there, is being given away for free for those people who have a copy of Pokemon X or Y and are near a game store.

For those without a next gen (this gen?) console, the fact that Assassin’s Creed Unity is PS4 and Xbone only is a bit of a bummer, but fear not wristblade fans, as there could be an announcement soon that should sooth your murder twitch.


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