Coffee Time News 15/07/14


Guillermo Del Toro, creator of the amazing Pan’s Labyrinth and the giant robot destruction-fest Pacific Rim talks about his up and coming film; Haunted Mansion. 

Remember earlier in the year when Tarantino’s script for the Hateful 8 got leaked and he halted the film? Well it’s now been reported that they will indeed start filming early next year with, possibly, the same cast as originally stated.

Horns, the strange, devil related film starring Daniel Radcliffe, has a new poster, and if you don’t know anything about it, there’s a summary right here.


Gotham, the show about the city BEFORE Batman rocked up and started terrifying the criminal populace, has a new, very exciting trailer. 

Those interested in the 12 Monkeys television show might like to read up about this in the new report from Deadline, it’s not a prequel, but it might be, who knows.

Joel McHale, of Community, has come out to talk about season 6, which will be shown on Yahoo video. He’s optimistic, and looking at the show it’s easy to see why, especially if Harmon has the freedom that was denied him on NBC.


There’s a new trailer for Assassin’s Creed Unity. I have to say, I’m really very excited to be back in a European city, with all those churches and catacombs.

Super Smash Brothers for the Wii U and 3DS got 3 new characters added to the roster yesterday, one of them was fan favourite Captain Falcon, the others? Well, go check it out.

And the new Hoenn remake Alpha Sapphire and Omega Ruby has a new trailer, with Gameplay very similar to X and Y.


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