Coffee Time News 16/07/14


Anyone who’s still following Ant-man after the drama of Edgar Wright’s departure may want to read this little bit of an interview with Kevin Feige discussing the new Director.

Jon Favreau has finally got a Mowgli for his live action Jungle Book, it’s newcomer Neel Sethi.

Big Hero 6, Disney’s superhero team up shindig, has another new trailer, this one shows off a bit more of the story, and more of the physical comedy that comes from having an inflatable robot pal.


Agents of SHIELD season 2 has a premier date, the 23rd of September. This means it will be showing on Tuesdays, the same night as The Flash, which airs two weeks later.

The directors of Game of Thrones season 5 have been announced, and apart from one, they’re all complete newcomers to the series, which could mean some interesting things for the series.

Fans of DC’s clown prince of crime, and fans of Gotham, will be interested to hear that the showrunners are going to be playing with you with regards to the Joker in the first season of the show.


In the makings of Mass Effect 4, Bioware have released a survey for fans, wanting to know about their play habits and what not. You can find it over at Kotaku. It’s most likely a coping mechanism for the less than great reaction to the end of the third game.

Some of the ‘founding fathers’ of Fallout could appear in a fan made live action webseries, if they reach their stretch goal.

A new free to play team based game has appeared; Gigantic. From Motiga, this absolutely stunning game will have you fighting against, and alongside, giant monsters, check out the lovely trailer here.


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