Coffee Time News 17/07/14


Matthew Vaughn’s Kingsman; the Secret Service, has a few new images set for its October release,and  you can check out the trailer here.

WE HAVE PICTURES OF THE AVENGERS 2. Okay, I realise it’s still 10 months or so away, but I’m incredibly keen for this film, and here’s some images.

Oh and for those still unsure about who, or what Ultron is, here’s a first look at its Avengers 2 design, as well as a bit on his revised origin.


We’ve mentioned this show a lot on Axby, but only because I love the original film so much; but 12 Monkeys (the new SyFy show,) has a full length trailer. And yeah, it’s a re-imagining.

Another major recurring role has been filled in the Daredevil show roster, this time it’s Peter Shinkoda, but he’s not playing anyone with an apparent counterpart in the comics.


Bad news for fans of the Sims 2, no more updates or content for you. But I mean, the Sims 4 is out fairly soon so you don’t have to worry about that.

Horror games are all the rage, and with the Wii U out to mature itself amongst all the Pikmin and Mario, we bring you Fatal Frame. In Japan. In September.

The Destiny Beta is upon is, or near enough, and here’s a run down of the things you lucky beta testers are in for, and for those who aren’t in the beta, will go and lament over your loss.


2 thoughts on “Coffee Time News 17/07/14”

  1. Captain America’s costume is so cool! It looks tarnished and functional, unlike the Avengers 1 costume which was a bit bright and clean. It also just clicked that Elizabeth Olsen was Scarlet Witch. Didn’t I compare her acting ability to a wet fart a while back?

    1. Totally agree with you about Cap’s costume, it looks very practical and awesome. As for Olsen, you did, but I’m sure the script had something to do with that one…

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