Coffee Time News; 18/07/14


I swear, the Guardians of the Galaxy could keep this feature running on its own, today we’ve got a feature dedicated to our favourite anthropomorphic tree; Groot.

Right in line with James’ article on Uncharted yesterday, it’s been announced that the Uncharted movie will start shooting (heh, pun) in 2015.

Colin Firth left the live action Paddington film a few weeks ago, but Ben Wishaw (Q from Skyfall) is his replacement.


Deborah Ann Woll (True Blood) will play Daredevil’s secretary and love interest, Karen Page, in the Netflix series.

The Walking Dead season 5, which is getting closer by the day, is going to be more brutal, that much we know, but it’s also going to be jam packed full of reveals and badassery.


If you’re keen to see some Destiny, but didn’t get access to the beta, and enjoy watching… idiots, lovable idiots, play games, check out Achievement Hunters Gavin, Geoff and Michael give the game a go.

Also on the Video front we’ve got a new clip of Zelda showcasing her Windwaking skills in Hyrule Warriors.

Finally, after being in the works for years, Doom 4 has seen the first light of day. Granted it was a closed convention hall, and all we have to go off is tweets, but we know it’s not going to be called Doom 4 anymore!


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