Coffee Time News 21/07/14


Last week we talked briefly about Max Steel, another toy/movie tie in, well today we have a few new images as well as a synopsis, just for you.

Transformers 4 is verging on 900 million dollars world wide, which makes it the highest grossing movie of the year, as well as the second highest of the franchise.

A while ago we reported that Marvel has films ‘planned’ until 2028, well we now have dates for releases up until 2019. But, those looking for some atlantian action may be disappointed as Namor won’t likely be making an appearance. 


The Producers for WC’s Supernatural talk about season 10, the 200th episode and the show’s future over at Screenrant.

DC’s Chief Creative Officer Geoff Johns has ruled out once and for all the TV and Movie crossovers for their superheroes.

In good news, however, the television universe is enjoying a plethora of crossovers, with a 2 hour long Arrow/Flash crossover planned this season.


Destiny doesn’t have cross platform play, but there’s a very good reason for it.

People love comparisons right? Well here’s a screen for screen comparison of Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire and their next gen remakes, Alpha Sapphire and Omega Ruby.

Finally, here’s a 20 minute demo video of the Sims 4, as someone who’s not been in the series for a long time (since the Sims 1 frankly,) it looks insane.


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