Coffee Time News 22/07/14


It looks like, in the rumour sense, that Studio Ghibli may not be making movies any more, which totally sucks all kinds of things, but it’s only a rumour, a very likely rumour.

In light of that, WHO WANTS TO SEE AN X-WING? Yeah? Everyone? Cool! Here’s a little something something from the set of episode 7 to help you cope with that news.

Finally, fresh out of the Furnace that is Smaug the dragon, Benedict Cumberbatch stars in the new trailer for The Imitation Game, which is based on the cracking of the Enigma Code from WW2.


Lucy Lawless (Ron Swanson’s epic lady friend Diane from Parks and Rec) has been cast in season 2 of Agents of SHIELD.

Fargo has been renewed for a second season, and looks to take the route of True Detective by having a separate storyline for its second season.

The first reactions to Gotham are great, but there’s some worry that they might give away too much too soon with regards to key villains in the DC universe, the showrunner sets things straight.


Earlier in the week I mentioned that some lucky people got to see some Doom 4 footage, well, they really are lucky as we regular folk won’t get to see anything until 2015.

Timespinner started as a kickstarter project, and has reached a pretty great stretch goal; it will be on handheld consoles, check here for some footage. As a massive fan of the Metroidvania style , I’m excited for this.

We finally get to see some of Link’s massive arsenal in today’s video for Hyrule Warriors, and it’s the turn of the Powerglove/Ball and chain combo.


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