Coffee Time News 24/07/14


Posters galore today, as we have an Ant-man SDCC poster, a Mockingjay SDCC poster and a Hobbit, the Battle of the Five armies poster.

There was a slight worry that Robert Downey Junior would be calling it a day on Ironman after Avengers 2 and 3, but apparently Ironman 4 wouldn’t be off the books if the conditions were right.

It’s entirely possible that Ghostbusters 3 will start shooting next year, according to Dan Akroyd 


Have a look at the official costume for Arrow’s red hooded sidekick Speedy Red Arrow Arsenal, in preparation for season 3.

The 23rd of September is the date you’ll want to keep in your diaries for season two of Agents of SHIELD, just so you know.

The firsts in, apparently, a series of artworks for Gotham sees our main man commissioner Gordon, (not yet a commissioner) with a little bit about him.


Titanfall is getting a bit of a shake up; in game purchases on the black market will use money gained from playing the game and doing certain things, but NOT from microtransactions.

Anyone can get the complete Sims 2 collection for free, providing they have the time to play it, details right here.

Deus Ex, which had a movie in the works but lost the director to Marvel’s Doctor Strange, now has a Writer, and it’s Predators’ Michael Finch.


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