Coffee Time News 25/07/14

With San Diego Comic Con starting today, tomorrow we can expect some big news, but today? Well it’s business as usual.


Now I remember watching Hot Tub Time Machine and thinking, yeah, this isn’t bad. Didn’t think it would warrant a sequel, but here’s a red band trailer!

Hey, remember Goosebumps? Those awesome books that scared the poop out of you when you were a nipper? Well Jack Black is in a film where he plays author R. L Stein, and he’s trapped in his own creation.

Will Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson be Captain Marvel? Or will he be Black Adam? Time will tell but it seems like he’ll definitely be one of them. SHAZAM


Greendale fans UNITE. Here’s some season 6 details for you straight out of ComicCon.

The creators of the Flash and Arrow talk about what we can expect from the story lines of the shows, Arrow’s season 3 takes a big step away from the origin story while, obviously, the Flash IS an origin story.

Here’s the first look at Elsa from Frozen in Once Upon a Time, with co-star Scott Michael Foster (Cappy in Greek)


Sunset Overdrive is going to have a heap of character customisation options, and here’s why.

Four minutes of action packed Hyrule Warriors footage has been released, stick around until the end for the scariest enemy of them all…

The Destiny Beta is now open to everyone, without a code, for 360, Xbox One, PS3 and PS4. Check back on Axby Later for a Reaction Time.


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