Coffee Time News 28/07/14

So with Comic-Con churning out a whole heap of things, the best of which those who weren’t there didn’t get to see, picking our usual 3 pieces a group was a little difficult, so this week, if we’re ever short on news or announcements, we may be taking from the Comic-Con Harvest.


We finally get a look at Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman suit, and it looks pretty damn cool, and very grounded, not sure how well she’s going to fight in those wedges though…

We’ve got another Teaser for Mockingjay here, it’s showing us a few more clips of the actual film, which is a bit more than can be said for the last few.

The Last of Us, the survival horror game from Naughty Dog, is getting a movie, and they could be getting Game of Thrones’ Maisie Williams as Ellie, the young female companion.


In case it wasn’t clear, we didn’t get to go to Comic-Con this year, which meant that we missed out on the best stuff, like the Avengers trailer and the Gotham pilot, but luckily Screenrant has the good, the bad and the ugly for the latter.

The thing with British shows is that, like their seasons, their teasers are incredibly short, like this 15 second clip for Doctor Who season 8, which is released later this month.

I’ve also got a new trailer for season 3 of Arrow, it acts as a sort of retrospect, weaving old footage with new and setting a scene. Still, it looks great and I’m excited for it.


The next Mass Effect game will see the return of the Mako, and apparently it will focus on exploration, which I’m keen for, as anyone who’s read my best game settings list will know how much I love that universe.

Fans of the Legend of Korra show will be happy to see this ten minutes of Korra gameplay, it’s a beat-em-up, combo filled game from the looks of it.

Shadow of Mordor, a game I am incredibly excited for, has had its release date moved closer, and will now launch at the end of September, trying to avoid the huge amount of releases in October.


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