Lazy er, Wednesday, List: Top 10 Sci Fi Settings Part 2

By Joe Strange

So today we continue our look into the cosmos and beyond and the best sci fi settings in, well everything. Also, you’ll notice that it’s Wednesday, and not Sunday. Well for the next few weeks our lists will be published on Wednesdays.

5) The 5th Element

The 5th element is phenominal, it seems tacky on the surface, all of the cheap ‘look we’re in the future’ gizmos, but really it’s a fantastic representation of what we could reach if we continued being too consumerist and wasteful. E Cigerettes aren’t a thing, but instead you have a machine to restrict how many you can buy, your driving license is on a point system that is updated IMMEDIATELY. Oh and every morning you get a new mattress. A NEW MATTRESS.

Oh and Chris Tucker is the universe’s most irratating and yet somehow still loved radio presenter ever known. Also, we still have radios.

4) Firefly

Oh Firefly, you were taken from us too early. You had so many more things to show us, so much more of the world to reveal, like what EXACTLY made the Reavers like they were, and how comes a shepherd knows so much about guns.

But the real loss here is the world, with a western, sci fi mix and a whole lot of lore and history to go behind it, the reality of the Firefly world is undeniable, from time saving sink/toilet hybrids to the split between rich central planets and less successfully terraformed planets on the rim, Firefly is filled with the consequences of over expansion and the realism of trying to live on other planets. Also, no aliens, which is the only one on this list.

3) Mass Effect

While Firefly had no aliens, Mass Effect has a mass of aliens (see what I did there? You can’t plan that stuff). The Aliens and the backstory are what make this game rich and ridiculously fun and engaging to play. The ships and technology look amazing and practical, and somehow, somehow, they explain all the science.

I mean, often times it’s just ‘Element zero makes things go well’ but it’s still there, within the universe that science is sound.

2) Avatar

I’ll level with everyone… I didn’t like Avatar. The hype, the ridiculous cult like following of it for no clear reason… I didn’t get it.
But what I will give it is that the world of Pandora (Shout out to Borderlands) is a rich, exciting world full of imaginative and very well realised creatures and wildlife. And if Avatar 2 was a documentary with David Attenborough, I would watch the crap out of that.

1) Star Wars

Okay, you knew this was coming right? Star Wars does so much right, the rustic, epic feel of the rebel ships, the rich politics filled underbelly and the outer planets and their issues. Plus the aliens are varied and interesting. But also, don’t we all really want a freaking lightsaber, none of the other worlds brought us the feeling, the absolute desire, to be anything like a jedi.



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